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artwork that fits together . . . 

Framing Tricks & Tips

Plain, unframed canvasses always look good, but if you are looking for a dressier feel, framing is a great option. Here are some tips on how to move forward:


1. Traditional Framing: If you choose this route, look up a local framer in your area and get some pricing for your project. You will want to visit the store and pick out the size of your frame, matting sizes and colors. This is the most costly choice but you will be guarenteed a good end result.


2. DYI Framing: This is a good option if you have access to thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales or have frames you no longer want. Eureka! this is the most cost effective way and can add a little variety to your wall display. 

The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you can find a frame to match the exact size of your print or you might end up paying to have a smaller mat cut out to fit around your origional. 


Here are some tips to refinishing an old frame:


1. Lay the frame on a thick cloth with the glass side facing downward. Gently start removing any brown paper backing on the frame. Some frames will not have brown paper and will only have small sideways staples. Gently push these staples one by one to the side with a flathead screwdriver. The idea is to move them upward so you can slide out the previous work and add your work inside.


2. Remove all of the main boards inside and clean the inside of the glass.


3. Be patient because sometimes removing the old art and matting can take a little bit of time. 


4. Check sizing of the work you are going to put inside the frame. If you want a mat around your work make sure to purchase a fresh one or if possible re-use the one already in the frame. Once you have removed everything place your artwork inside.


5. Re-place the backing. If you are working with staples gently push them down again until all the staples have been fixed. If you have brown tape you can buy it at a craft store so you can professionally reseal the print.


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