artwork that fits together . . .
artwork that fits together . . . 

Fabulous Room Ideas


  1. Spend some time checking out state sales, thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales and flea markets to find unique wall décor items to mix in with your artwork. These items always add a special “wow” to a wall because they are usually harder to find than the usual item at a home décor store. For example, I found this soft white metal plate I noticed at a thrift store and I immediately knew it had a lot of potential.


  1. Letters of the alphabet that are wooden, metal or aluminum can be excellent accents to add to a wall arrangement. Remember, paint can also transform an object so don’t rule anything out without first visualizing it with another coat of paint. Think outside the box, like maybe creating punctuation using aluminum foil wrapped around small balls of paper and masking tape to go in between the two initials creating some visual fun. You can also just leave them silver colored instead of spray painting them another color.




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