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The paige and charlie website is desgined to give you ideas on how you can take artwork and create a "wow" room. Life can get pretty busy, so here are creative ways to acheive your end result without a lot of effort and work! I have also included easy framing ideas so you can frame a great print for almost nothing. Read through and choose the tips that fit into your vision for your space. The process can be fun, inexpensive and rewarding. 


When you are first thinking about making changes to your decor, follwo these steps so you can make sure you get the result you are looking for:


First, write down exactly what you want the art arrangement to look like when you are finished. You can do this by looking through on line stores or spending an afternoon scouting out stores you love and jotting down ideas and taking pictures.


Then, put together a small vision board for the room which can include pictures or swatched of color you want to use for accessories. Think about it like the project boards designers use when they are planning to redo a room. For example, you might have a picture of an ottoman with wooden peg legs with a swatch of pink and gold polka dot fabric taped next to it. Then, you might have a paint sample of light grey next to it marked with wall color paint. A picture of the bedding might be useful here. Once you can see what color scheme you are aiming for you can start to decide on the peices you want to add to the walls. 


Finally, when you are choosing the prints or canvasses you want visually look at how everything will fit together with your design board. I have incuded more information on how to find unique one of a kind room accessories to add around your artwork under the room tips tab on this website for more ieas. Adding large letters around artwork or metal plates can really tie the whole room together. 


An extra tip is when you are choosing artwork or accent items for any room choose designs that will last a little while. If you are designing a room for your son or daughter think to yourself, "Will this arrangement last a few years and grow with them?" Using this kind of strategic planning will eliminate having to change the design every year. Go forward with confidence and enjoy the process! Amie






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